C Can Storage Container Conversions

barry from ace high storage with a c-can that has been converted into a portable office c-can

Ace High Storage can help you store most anything you need in Dawson Creek, BC. Our full featured facility has many different sizes and types of storage containers, including c cans (sea shipping containers). In addition to providing our own containers, Ace High Storage offers c can conversion services. If you have a sea shipping container in your posession and need it converted into something different (permanent storage, a house, a mobile office, whatever you need!) Ace High knows these containers like the back of their hand.

Thanks to Shell Canada for all their support in our c can conversion endeavours!

white interior of a c-can converted into an office at ace high storagewhite interior of a c-can converted into an office at ace high storage

All c can conversions are with new c cans and are available in 8' x 8', 8' x 10', 8' x 20' and 8' x 40'. They are ideal for the oil and gas industry who may require offsite offices and labs etc.

C Can Conversion Features Include:

- 2 inch spray foam insulation on subfloor roof and walls
- 220V heater/air conditioner wall units
- sliding windows and steel framed man doors
- end doors can be opened for easy access
- 1/2 inch plywood on walls and ceiling
- cable access ports for outside cables
- endless other options such as built in desks, shelving, multiple windows
- will custom build to specifications.

Ace High only deals locally on procurement of construction materials for c can conversions. If our local area does not have an item it will be ordered through local businesses. Visit our blog if you'd like more information about C Can Storage Containers.