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24/7 Access Makes Storage easy


Ace High Storage has a 7 ft chain link fence around
the perimeter and is under lock and key at all times.
Four floodlights and multiple monitors are present providing a high level of security to the compound.
24/7 Access Makes Storage easy

A staff that’s here for you

We have a staff dedicated to assisting you with all your storage needs
24/7 Access Makes Storage easy

Rodent free

Each storage unit is also steel encased so you don’t
have to worry about rodents and are water proof.
24/7 Access Makes Storage easy

C- Cans

Pre-selected for the best quality. Available in 8x8, 8x10, 8x20, 8x40. Mouse proof.
24/7 Access Makes Storage easy

Making room is our Business

You can store anything from Personal belongings in
our mini storage, ATV’s, Bikes, Boats, RVs, Trailers,
Oilfield Equipment large and small.
24/7 Access Makes Storage easy

A perfect fit

We have various sizes of C cans for rent - 8x8, 8x10, 8x20, 8x40.


Ace High Storage Drone Photo


Ace high storage

We take your storage needs seriously. With over 4.6 acres just behind the GearJammer building on 8th and kitty corner south from the new Co-op Cardlock on the Dangerous Goods Route in Dawson Creek, we are as close as you can get.

Our clients store everything from RV's (boats, trailers, 5th wheels, ATV's, cars and motorcycles) to home furnishings, clothing, old boxes of pictures and more. We also service the oil and gas industry and have storage available for camp shacks, piping and pretty much any industrial component that you need access to. Again, under lock and key.

Storage tips

Don’t wrap in plastic. Plastic can trap humidity and cause condensation. Rather try to use old blankets and sheets that allow airflow, and keep the dust off

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