C-Can Office Rentals at Ace High Storage in Dawson Creek

Ace High RV and Mini Storage is a self-storage company which started its operations in 2007 and has been serving the people of Peace River Regional District from Dawson Creek, BC. Over the years we have been in operation, our clients have learned they can rely on us when they are looking for onsite and offsite storage of personal belongings and business equipment. Our experience working with c-cans makes us your first choice when you are looking for a mobile office in BC or Alberta. We have been providing mobile office rentals for many years. Our converted ccans are spacious and helpful in giving you needed office space!

Providing Services To Diverse Industries

You can rely on us when you are looking for flexible office space in British Columbia. Be it a small office space near your drilling site or a large seacan office as an annex from your building, we are the company to contact. We offer a wide array of seacan office options that can meet all the needs of construction and oilfield companies working in BC and Alberta. Our mobile offices are easy to relocate and are an affordable option for small and large companies who are looking for short and long term offices in the Peace region and beyond.

Why Rent A Sea Can Office

There are many reasons to rent our converted c-can mobile offices in British Columbia and Alberta. The first and foremost benefit is the ability to organize your office work on a jobsite. On top of that, you will also have a secure and safe office environment. In the cold weather of Northern BC and Alberta, having a warm office space or meeting room will be appreciated by your staff.

Impenetrable Offices

Because sea containers are designed to deal with harsh conditions in transit all over the world, they are made from high-quality steel that is nearly impenetrable to natural elements and unwanted entry. When the same sea cans are used as offices, they become a safe, impenetrable space in which you can easily conduct your business.

Large Space Inside

We offer a wide array of sea containers for valued customers. Each of those sizes of containers can be converted into an office space you you. Inside, you will easily be able to accommodate a fair amount of your workforce.

Mobile Office Features

Our converted c-can office contain many features. These include:
- 2 inch spray foam insulation on subfloor roof and walls
- 220V heater and air conditioner wall units
- sliding windows with steel cages for security
- steel framed man doors
- end doors can be opened for moving desks or airflow
- 1/2 inch plywood on walls and ceiling
- cable access ports – including USB and cable
- endless custom options such as built in desks, shelving, multiple windows
- can custom build to specifications.

These mobile offices offer a calm and peaceful environment for you to work in at your jobsite. Ace High Storage is the go-to name when you are looking to rent a mobile office near Dawson Creek. We are well-known for our exceptional services and work hard to ensure that you get a comfortable working environment.