How C-Cans Keep Ace High A Rodent-Free Facility

July 31st 2017

Since opening in 2007, Ace High Mini Storage has been using c-cans for storing your personal belongings in the Peace Region of BC, we have never had a complaint about rodents. The c-cans at our Dawson Creek facility are secure and sealed to keep animals away from your belongings. Keeping rodents away from storage units takes prevention and planning.

The Problem with Rodents and Storage

Once a rodent is inside your unit, it can start doing severe damage to your storage in a short amount of time. Mice are a particular problem. They start to bite, gnaw, and shred any materials they can find so they can both build nests and eat. They will shred clothes and beds, rip up paper and cardboard, and chew through any wiring they can find. They also leave fecal droppings behind – one mouse can leave 40 to 100 droppings per day! These accumulate quickly, can get into the air, and become a health concern. One final note about mice is that one female mouse can give birth to up to a dozen babies every three weeks! Because of all this, it's worth your time to find a storage company that is free from rodents and makes an effort to stay free from them.

How Rodents Infiltrate Storage Units

There are many ways a rodent can get into a storage unit. They might have already been a stowaway in a box or a piano that you were moving. A less likely possibility is that they entered while you had the door open to your unit. The most likely way a rodent would get in is by getting through a small opening in your unit. Many older storage units have cracks in their foundations or small openings around the doors from years of use. This becomes a problem because a common mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime.

How Storage Providers Like Ace High Storage Stay Rodent-Free

There are many ways storage companies prevent rodents from getting into storage units. These include:

-Keeping shrubs and trees trimmed back and away from the storage units
-Eliminate areas of moisture in and around units
-Use silicone caulk around pipes to seal the openings
-Manage garbage disposal in a clean way that doesn't attract rodents to the building
-Inspect the facility routinely with the help of a pest control company

Ace High Storage's c-can storage units are rodent-free. We rodent-proof our units by having good rubber seals around the doors and sitting the cans up on 10x10 timbers so that they are not at ground level. Using c-cans also gives us the unique ability to entirely replace a unit if it gets old, if it breaks, or (in the worst case) it gets infested. If one of our cans has a problem, we can pull it out and replace it before it causes problems to the rest of the facility.

Since 2007, we have never had a complaint about rodents. When a can gets old or damaged, we empty it, move it out of the lineup, and sell it. The can's old spot gets replaced with a new c-can.

Our prevention methods and maintenance on our c-cans will ensure that your belongings stay free from rodents. Whether you're a large company needing to store oilfield supplies or a local family needing a place to store some extra supplies, Ace High Storage is your rodent-free choice for storage in Dawson Creek.

Check out our facility the next time you’re looking for storage, or contact us today in the form below with any questions!