Some Benefits of a Locally-Owned Storage Company

August 18th 2021

In a world of increasing dominance by big box stores and large conglomerations, Ace High Storage remains locally-owned and operated in Dawson Creek. Since opening the doors to our storage company in 2007, we’ve been champions of the underdog and believe there are many benefits to supporting local businesses in Dawson Creek and beyond. Here are a few:

Personalized Service

If you frequent a local company, chances are good that after interacting a few times, the owner and/or employees start to recognize you and are often able to anticipate your needs. This familiarity breeds a better level of service and increased community wellness as a whole. These friendly relationships often lead to open communication and better service as a result. You feel comfortable asking for what you want and because of that the small business is more able to acquire those goods or services.

Keep Your Dollars Local

When you choose to spend your hard-earned earnings locally, you keep that money in your community, leading to better infrastructure and better quality of life for everyone. Local business owners are more likely to spend their own dollars locally, both personally and when purchasing supplies for their business. This circle of support provides benefits throughout your community, trickling down from business owners to customers to the entire community.


Knowing the area and the needs of a community helps local businesses respond to their clients’ needs in a practical, efficient manner. Moving is inherently stressful, but at Ace High Storage, we know the habits and desires of many of our potential clients so can be proactive in helping to minimize their stress. Owner Barry Ross has lived in the community for over 40 years, raised his family here and he knows the area, and its inhabitants, well.

Community Flair

Every community has its own unique vibe, and much of that spirit is derived from its local businesses. Seeing the golden arches appear as you drive into an unknown community tells you nothing about a community’s history or population-base. But stepping into a local watering hole or breakfast diner opens you up to a rich, unique experience filled with nostalgia and personality. Local businesses and all that they represent are what makes your community different from all others. Supporting these small businesses helps this unique culture survive and thrive.

We Know Your Needs

Living in the area means we know the area – its weather patterns, its roads, and the needs of those who live here. At Ace High Storage, we care about your needs and keeping your belongings secure. We also know how to make your experience better because we know the Peace Country and we know how important secure storage and 24/7 access is to our customers, so that’s what we provide.

Job Creation

When you choose to support local businesses, you strengthen our local economy and you also help to create more local jobs, creating more opportunities right here and thereby keeping members of the community in our community and helping our small city stay viable.

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