Off-Site Storage Container Solutions

Let us bring Ace High's quality storage units to you!

In addition to the great time we've had working with Shell Canada on our c can storage container conversions, Ace High Storage is expanding our off-site storage solutions in and near Dawson Creek, British Columbia. We've learned a lot about c cans and the many ways they can be adapted and used for your camp, construction site or industrial project!

Having the ability to securely store tools, materials and other supplies right at a work site is a major advantage for any business or contractor. Every project has its own challenges for space, raw material access and adaptability. The ability to provide quality constructed, secure and customized storage solutions puts Ace High at the top of the your storage needs list.

Does your construction site suffer from the curse of the mysteriously missing tools? When forgotten at home, or left overnight somewhere insecurely, you may be faced with an employee that can't complete a job properly without the required tools. Sometimes the culprit is at work on site every day! This expensive detour can have devastating effects on any project and the morale of crew. Get rid of all the issues with secure, personalized temporary tool storage. All your employee's tools can be left on site, waiting safe for them every morning when shift starts.

Is your project in an extreme environment, or are you feeling cursed by the weather? Ace High can make sure your working areas and material storage are safe from the elements for the duration of your build. Conditions and the elements can change so quickly, having your materials safe from the storm can be the difference between meeting a deadline or not. Don't wait until half of your stores are damaged, let us make sure your team has what it needs to do their job from start to finish.

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