What Can I Store at Ace High Storage in Dawson Creek?

February 7th 2018

Are you a resident of Dawson Creek with no more room to store your personal belongings? Or a business owner in Mile 0 city needing somewhere to store extra products? Maybe you’re travelling through the Peace region of BC and Alberta and need somewhere secure to leave your boat for a few days? No matter who you are or why you need to store belongings, Ace High Storage provides a secure space for you to keep your stuff. What’s great about our location and our C-can storage is that you can store almost anything with us.

The first thing many people think about when they consider mini storage is an indoor storage facility made up of metal walls and roll up doors. Often that visual is true, but Ace High Storage is different because our compound (and our storage units) is outdoors. We use c-cans for storage rather than typical units and have some covered storage for RV’s and other big toys. Using c-cans gives us the flexibility to move things around and have varying amounts of open storage space. This flexibility gives us the ability to store a greater variety of equipment, vehicles, and supplies than a typical storage company.

So what can you you store here? Just by looking at our c-can and open storage area, the list of possibilities is endless:

Personal Storage:

-furniture like tables, couches, dressers, and mirrors
-boxes of old clothes
-your collectibles
-equipment for a hobby
-kayaks and canoes
-skis and snowboards
-recreational gear that you would usually keep at a lakeside or mountain cabin (if you had one!)
-winter/summer gear in the off-season
-storage while you move
-boats and trailers
-vintage cars

Business Storage:

-heavy equipment
-specialized equipment for wind power
-flat decks
-bucket trucks
-forms for buildings
-cement basement forms
-oil patch drilling bits
-store your own c-cans!

These are just a few ideas of things you can store at our facility in our storage units or in open storage areas. In our secure facility, you can be assured that your gear is safe! Each of our storage units is steel encased, so you also don’t need to worry about rodents getting into anything. Our c-cans make Ace High a rodent-free facility. With 24-hour self admittance, keeping your equipment and belongings with us will be a convenient option.

We have been storing equipment in Dawson Creek for just over a decade now. We know how to make the best use of our space so that you can store anything you need to. You can find us near the Dawson Creek airport. Give us a call or fill out the Quick Contact form below to ask questions!