Storage Units vs. Storage Lockers: Explaining Some Terminology

January 23rd 2018

There seems to be no end to the amount of storage space we need in our lives. People sure like to keep and save a lot of stuff! We like to store furniture, RVs, business equpiment, motorbikes, other vehicles, books, and clothes – among other things. At Ace High RV and Mini Storage we provide C-Cans as storage spaces for all your belongings. Our weatherproof, rodent-free units are the easy choice for storing your personal or commercial assets in the Peace Region of BC.

Last week here at Ace High, we had a customer call our storage services something we have never heard them called before: "storage lockers". Here at our compound in Dawson Creek, we use c-cans for storage and have usually called them "storage units". After hearing them get called by another name, we thought we would do some research to find out what the difference is between a storage locker and a storage unit. Here's what we found!

What is a Storage Unit?

The term "storage unit" is fairly generic. However, typically it refers to an average sized, enclosed space where you can store items like your furniture, bikes, recreational equipment, and other large or small items. On the scale of small-medium-large, these units can vary anywhere in the medium to large – or very large – in size. For example, some units can be as small as 5'x5' where other units can be 10'x20' (the size of some one-car garages). It doesn't end there though, some storage spaces can be 10'x30' (the size of some double car garages) or larger!

What is a Storage Locker?

The purpose of a storage locker is exactly the same as a storage unit. The difference is that a locker is small – or very small! A locker could be 3'x3' with ceilings at an average height or lower. At some storage facilities you might see them so small that two would be stacked on top of each other! Another difference is that you would probably only find storage lockers in an indoor facility, where units can be indoor or outdoor. These might be used for storing a few personal belongings.

Does Ace High Storage Have Both?

No. By the definitions we have shared here, Ace High Storage has storage units but not lockers. Our units are outdoor C-Cans rather than being in an indoor facility. There are many benefits to storing in C-Can units instead of indoor units, but we'll save that for another time! The size of our units are 8'x8', 8'x10', 8'x20', and 8'x40'.

If you have some belongings or business equipment that you need stored, give us a call at (250) 219-7075 or check out the map to find us near the Dawson Creek airport