Store Your Summer Gear at Ace High Storage This Winter

November 7th 2019

Northern families find ways to be active in every one of beautiful British Columbia’s seasons, whether it’s to camp in the woods or along riverbanks n the summer, or to ski and snowmobile across the mountains in the winter. It takes a lot of gear to get the most of out our rugged outdoors, and families considering storage in Dawson Creek should consider Ace High RV & Mini storage, where they are proud to have been offering a trusted storage solution in the Peace Region since 2007.

The storage experts at Ace High have developed a real understanding of the needs of the north – and about c-can storage – and want to help homeowners reclaim that spare room or garage that’s become a big storage closet to make room for something fun – or at least something practical. Ace High serves the Peace Region’s storage needs with weatherproof c-can storage, and offers several sizes to tackle every kind of storage need. Encased in steel, they are virtually impenetrable to both unwanted guests and the elements.

It takes a bit of rethinking for some folks, but systemizing your annual storage needs doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it often creates a lot of ease for our clients, compared to rotating items throughout the home all year.

Think Seasonal

Using a storage facility can be a great alternative to building a backyard shed (or giving up your guest room),especially considering that the things we want to store are most often seasonal. One trip per season is typically all our clients need to make, trading one load of gear for another. Our weatherproof c-cans offer flexibility and security all at once, making it especially easy to come and go as the seasons – and your families needs – change.

RV Storage

Unless you are one of the lucky ones taking your rig south, consider freeing up some driveway space and storing it at Ace High this winter. We offer a secure, well-lit facility, and in addition to our basic lot, we offer covered storage with 14-foot-high ceilings and electrical plug-ins for power. We currently have only five of these spots, so give us a call if you’d like one to be yours – you can even park your other toys there if you want to protect them from the elements.

Motorcycle storage

Sadly, motorcycles and dirt bikes have a shorter season in Dawson Creek, but Ace High RV & Mini Storage is the next best place for your bikes during the cold months. Unlike many storage facilities, our c-can storage units allow you to store your bike without the need to drain the oil and gas tanks, and make it easy to pull your vehicle right up close for easy loading and unloading.

Boat storage

Boats are also only in use a short part of the year around these parts, but who can live without them when the ice melts and the lakes and rivers beg to be explored? When your boat, kayak or canoe needs to be pulled from the water until next year, have peace of mind knowing it’s stored securely in your c-can, instead of facing rodents, thieves or the elements during the winter. Is your boat too big for a c-can? Check out our RV storage options, which work well for all kinds of recreational vehicles.

Camping Gear storage

People come from all over the world to experience camping in British Columbia, and Dawson Creek residents are no different. Tents, tarps, dishes and sleeping bags take up a lot of space, and can be stored safely out of the way in our secure and accessible c-cans, ready to retrieve the minute the temperatures rise again.

Why C-can storage?

Unlike a typical storage facility, we use c-cans (also known as sea cans or sea containers) for storage instead of storage lockers. C-can storage has exploded in North America in the last decade for a lot of good reasons. They are weatherproof and rodent-proof, and our customers love them because they are self-accessible, extremely spacious and easy to create workable storage solutions for all kinds of uses inside.

We offer c-can conversions, rentals, and sales because we’ve found c-cans to be the best way to store things. The number of potential uses is staggering, and businesses are finding them just as useful as homeowners do for storing extra or off-season stock and/or supplies, including oil & gas companies like Shell Canada (read more about what you can store at Ace High Storage).

Give us a try

If your home or business could use some freed up space, give us a call at Ace High RV & Mini Storage - no matter what type of business you run, or how many boxes you need to find a place to store, Ace High Storage in Dawson Creek BC has everything you need!