How To Save Time On Moving Day with Storage Pre-Rental

September 24th 2020

For Dawson Creek and all surrounding areas, Ace High Storage has the solution to any storage or moving problem you might have. Moving can bring major headaches but there are huge advantages and peace-of-mind to be had when you use storage pre-rental with Ace High. With over 4.6 acres of secure, rodent-free units our dedicated staff will be able to accommodate whatever you might need.

How to Save Time on the Moving Day? 

Whether you are moving to the next block or moving from two provinces away, there is an immense array of things to consider and do as you pack up your entire life.

For many, this involves the frenzy and craziness of loading and unloading a huge truck all in the same day. But what if you could load things at your own pace for a few weeks before you were to leave? With our Off-Site Storage we bring the c can to you and you put it in your driveway or somewhere close and then you load as you pack.

Taking your time to pack properly ensures your breakables are wrapped and placed securely. Loading in days or weeks, not hours, also means that you use the space to its maximum benefit.

Anyone who has moved the c can way does not want to go back to the stress of a truck move. Using a c can with us also relieves any pressure of having to make sure everything fits or face two trips in a single day. See all the space you have and take the time to pack well when you book with us.

Do not have space for a box where you are currently located? Or need some space for an extended time before you get the new place? At Ace High Storage we have the storage container for every situation. We are the sea container rental business you want to deal with. Our storage in Dawson Creek is vast in space and allows more than enough room to drive up. Rent a container in advance of moving day at our location and move most of your belongings there. Then moving day is only those things you want to transport in your vehicle, and we will handle all the security and how best to help you. Our On-Site Storage has a variety of sizes and we know the processes to maximize your space. You can rest easy, while taking care of all your other moving stuff, knowing we have 4K high-resolution cameras in addition to fences, security checks and high-powered lights.

We are real people, and locally owned and operated, and care about ensuring your move is as stress-free as possible. You may have had a bad experience with pushy sales-people who only want to sell you the upgraded moving boxes, or had the unfortunate experience of having your belongings damaged because they were packed too fast thrown into a truck. Regardless of what moving solution is best for you, we care about not only your needs but your desires and good customer experience. Located right in Dawson Creek come see us today and let us earn your business. Your next move could be your best and easiest move ever!