Store Your Belongings at Ace High While You Search For Real Estate in Dawson Creek

December 10th 2019

Ace High Storage is a secure Dawson Creek storage company that has storage available for your needs! Our rodent-free, weatherproof c-can storage makes it easy for you to store everything from your home at our location. Speaking of everything from your home, our services can make house hunting easier for you whether you’re moving to or from our beautiful city. We want to share how all of our storage services can relieve some stress while you peruse Dawson Creek’s real estate

House hunting is loads of work. Whether you're searching for your dream home in the city or in the country or just something that works for your current lifestyle, there are quite a few time-consuming steps involved. One of the worst is time constraints. You might be moving out of a rental to buy your first home, or maybe your current home has successfully sold and you need to be out of it by a certain date. Many situations like this leave you needing to harmonize all of the steps as well as pinpointing a moving date within what often feels like chaos. We can help with that.

All Of Your Belongings Can Be Securely Stored

How much of your stuff can you fit into a storage unit? Bedroom and living room furniture items are large – but so are our c-cans. Our storage units are various sizes – 8x10, 8x20, and 8x40 – so you can pick the one that will fit best. Beds, dressers, chairs, couches, large TVs, and more can fit safely, securely, and dry in our units.

What About Summer Gear?

If you have an RV or a boat that needs to be parked somewhere until you find your new home, we offer covered storage. 10’ wide by 40’ long, with a 14’ high ceiling, we can accommodate most toys. You will need to call us about availability of covered storage, but even if it’s not there, we can store most summer equipment securely at our facility.

Dawson Creek Real Estate Agent Recommendations?

One of the most experienced and diverse real estate agents in Dawson Creek is Nyla LePine. We recommend her for any type of home or property in the Peace Region. Nyla is a RE/MAX agent who specializes in rural, residential, ranches, and farms. There are a few places you can go to learn more about her and see her listings. First is to check out Nyla’s website. You can also check out her Remax Dawson Creek listings and her Ranch listings.

At Ace High Storage, we’re interested in the well-being of this great community we call home. If you want this one stress taken off your list as you house hunt, we’re happy to help you out with storage! Move your home’s belongings into our storage units then forget about them while you deal with your realtor, the bank, and a difficult schedule.

Give us a call today to learn more about our storage services!