Sea Container Offsite Office Rentals

September 19th 2017

Ace High Storage is a full featured storage facility in Dawson Creek, BC that uses c-cans (sea containers) for storage instead of a using a typical indoor facility. We also convert many of our containers into office space and rent them to businesses as offsite offices. These c-can offices are great on-location at a construction site or at an oilfield. There are many great reasons to rent a container as mobile office space - here are a few.

Flexible Locations

When you need an off-site building near your work area, building a little office or using your truck would be unrealistic for most projects. Placing a temporary – yet rugged, water resistant, and spacious – office at your worksite can make all the difference between organization and chaos. When you rent an sea container as a mobile office, there is no construction needed in order to have a great space for your team, for your desk, or just as a place to get warm on your breaks in cold conditions.


If your team needs a place to go on their breaks, having another converted sea container is a great option for that. Set up a few tables inside and you instantly have a break room. Whether you use the c-can as a break room or an office, you can know that you will be in a warm a spacious place that is near your worksite. Power supplies and cords can be added to give access to tv's, computers, and most other comforts as well.

Easy Cleanup

When your project is complete, it's just as easy to remove a shipping container as it was to place it. The cords and any hookups and connections get removed, then the container is picked back up and trucked away.

Sea containers are a turnkey solution to offsite storage and office space. This is especially true in the construction, oil, and gas industries. However, these cans can be used anywhere they are needed. If you'd like to learn more about what conversion services we provide for sea containers then check out our c-can conversions page. If you need offsite storage or office space, contact Ace High Storage as ask us about our converted c-can rental offices or about offsite storage. We're happy to help!