Items In Abandoned Storage Units At Ace High Go To Online Auction

June 11th 2018

Centrally located in the Peace region of BC, Ace High RV & Mini Storage in Dawson Creek specializes in secure storage of belongings for individuals, small businesses and large companies. Our use of C-cans as storage units(aka sea cans or sea containers),allows for stored items to be safe from the elements in a nearly impenetrable space that you can conveniently access as needed.

Our clients store everything from RVs to home furnishings, clothing, boxes of belongings and more. Ace High also serves the oil and gas industry, and that includes offering available storage for pretty much any industrial component that you need to store and access at your convenience. All is monitored and under secure lock and key at all times.

What Happens To Items In Abandoned Storage Units?

Once in a long while, a storage unit is abandoned or negotiations with a tenant to settle delinquent fees do not proceed successfully. We make every effort to contact our tenants and to resolve issues before deeming a unit abandoned. You may wonder what happens to the items in abandoned storage units at Ace High.

Once we have followed due process within set timelines, we at Ace High cut the lock on an abandoned unit, take a brief video to verify contents within the unit, place our own lock on the unit, and proceed to auction! Why? We need the storage space for other customers AND we must recoup some of our losses from a tenant's non-payment of fees.

Auction Time!

All of our auctioned units are hosted online through which facilitates storage auctions across Canada and the U.S. Entry to the BID13 website will default to show Auctions Near You, although you can also search by region. If Ace High has any auctions on the go, you will be able to view our name and location, the storage unit number, unit size, current bid, time left for bidding, and photos! But don't come running down to Ace High to place your bid, as it is all done online.

When you click on a unit that catches your eye, you will see a short video, photos, keywords that describe what may be in the unit based on the photos and brief video footage we took after cutting the lock. As on the popular TV shows, however, there are no guarantees about what is actually contained in units up for auction.

You can sign up for a free account with BID13 to start bidding, and you only pay if you win an auction. Follow the terms and conditions set by BID13, and you may be the lucky bidder who then heads on over to Ace High within three days to pay and clear out your newfound treasures!

We at Ace High RV & Mini Storage are not in the business of selling people's stuff, and it is a last resort to send belongings to auction. We are a storage facility, and we offer our customers excellent service. Please call us at 250-219-7075 at Mile Zero on the Alaska Highway (Dawson Creek, BC) and let us take care of your storage needs.