Benefits of Mobile Office Space

October 28th 2020

Since 2007, Dawson Creek’s Ace High RV & Mini Storage has been servicing the Peace Region area with storage solutions such as onsite and offsite storage. We assist with the storage of everything from personal belongings, recreational vehicles, and toys, to business equipment, oilfield equipment, and supplies for small businesses and large industrial and oil and gas companies.

Additionally, we are also a provider of mobile office space, thanks to our experience working with c-cans which has made us British Columbia and Alberta’s first choice when it comes to mobile offices.

In that regard, there are a ton of benefits when it comes to your business needing a mobile office; whether you’re working in remote locations doing geophysical surveys, conducting work in the oilfields or just need the extra space, mobile offices provide a range of uses no matter what you’re looking for.

Here are the benefits a modular office space can provide you and your business.

• Cost-effectiveness

Renting a portable office is much cheaper than building something from scratch on-site, especially if what you need a modular office for is only temporary.
As such, renting a modular office for a specific amount of time will allow you to spend the excess money elsewhere you might otherwise spend on building a permanent fixture.

• Easily transportable

On the heels of being cost-effective, modular offices can also move from one location to another seamlessly.
Instead of having your space tied down to one area, you can easily move your mobile office to any location you need to go to, essentially bringing your office everywhere you go.

• Quick assembly

Modular offices do not require a lot of assemblies, which is a plus when you need office space in a pinch.
This means you and your business can quickly move onto more important things sooner. When you need to move onto another location, taking down the mobile office and transporting does not require very much work.

• Durable

An important benefit of mobile office space is its durability under weather conditions. Although it might be surprising, modular offices have secure, temperature-controlled environments, which means they can be used in a wide range of climates because they are built in a controlled environment protecting materials from the elements.

• Eco-friendly

Lastly, modular offices are environmentally friendly as they are built with eco-friendly and recycled materials. Additionally, the off-site construction process uses less waste.

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Ace High’s mobile offices

When you are renting mobile office space from Ace High RV & Mini Storage, you are also gaining the ability to have an organized office workspace at your job site. You will also have a safe and secure office environment in addition to having a warm office space or meeting room, which will especially beneficial during the colder winter months in Northern BC and Alberta.

At Ace High, our portable offices include 2-inch spray foam insulation on subfloor roof and walls, 200v heater and air conditioner wall units, sliding windows with steel cages for extra security, steel-framed man doors, cable access ports, built-in desks, shelving and windows and can also be customized to whatever your preferences are.
Our mobile offices provide a calm and peaceful environment no matter where your job site is.
Read more here about how mobile office space can benefit you, then when you’re ready, contact us with the form below!