Why Store Your Belongings in Dawson Creek?

July 6th 2017

At Ace High Storage in Dawson Creek, we store your personal belongings, RVs, boats, campers, and other recreational gear. We know that travellers and adventurers need somewhere to leave equipment behind sometimes, so we provide storage for your journeys. If you need a place to leave your stuff as you explore Northern BC, Alberta, and beyond, then this city is the geographically ideal spot to do that.

The first reason the ‘Capital of the Peace’ is ideal for storing your stuff is that from where it sits in the Peace region there is major highway access to all of Northern BC and Alberta. Dawson Creek is 15 minutes from the Alberta border in BC. If you want to visit the beautiful National parks of Northern BC to the west and Slave Lake and beyond to the east, you can store anything you need centrally in our little city. Every time you pass, you can grab any supplies you need and continue on your way. BC and Alberta are very different places that need different gear to explore. Don’t carry it all with you, leave some of it here!

The second reason this location is great for storage is the Alaska highway. ‘Mile 0 city’ is another name of ours because we sit at the beginning of the long trip to Fairbanks, Alaska. Many people meet up here to begin that journey and experience driving across the northern border of Canada. Why not leave your excess belongings here? We can hold on to it for you at Ace High until you get back. Our mini storage is easy to access so you can get back to your belongings at any time.

Ace High’s proximity to the Dawson Creek airport is another reason why it’s great for storage. If you need somewhere to leave your RV while you go travel by air, we can hold on to it while you’re off flying the skies. It will be safe and secure while you’re away. When you get back, we’ll be right here.

Although small, this city is an important place in Northern British Columbia. It gets called the “Capital of the Peace” for a reason. Because of it’s central location in the Peace region, Dawson Creek is a great hub in any traveller’s journey to Northern BC and Alberta, the Yukon, and Alaska.