Some Space to Maneuver at Ace High Storage

March 9th 2020

With plenty of space to maneuver, Ace High Storage makes storing and accessing your stuff simple — every time you visit. We are located on nearly five acres, giving our facility more free space than any other storage facility in Dawson Creek.

Packing up and then moving your precious cargo around is hard work. Why make it even harder by having to work in cramped quarters? At Ace High Storage, we aim to make the experience as easy as possible. Driving your vehicle right up to your C-Can to unload large items is a cinch. We have plenty of available space to store all of your large toys, including your boat, RV, motorcycle, truck… and not only that, there is enough space for you to work on them while they are safely stored at our facility.

Have your Christmas decorations gotten mixed in with your Halloween decorations? Does spring fever have you itching to dig out your bike, so you can hit the trails at a moment’s notice? Did you pack in a rush and now desperately need to reorganize? Finding your gear and reorganizing is easy when you have space to pull out your belongings without getting in anyone else’s way. When reorganizing, try to leave a centre aisle for easy access and remember to stack everything at least two inches away from the walls to allow air to circulate.

Are you coming down to Ace High to work on your boat, but happen to have your dog with you? No problem — he can run around and get some exercise while you tinker. Just remember to clean up after him before you hit the road.

Since 2007, Dawson Creek’s Ace High Storage has been providing customers with storage solutions, and in that time, we have learned exactly what matters to our clients and are committed to making sure our facility is safe, secure, and rodent-free. Our mouse-proof C-Cans are available in several different sizes, so you get the right one for your needs. We also have a staff that is dedicated to assisting you anytime you have questions or need a hand.

Whether you need storage for your personal belongings, oilfield equipment, or recreational vehicle, we can help. Give us a call at +1 250-219-7075 to get started and leave the storage to us. We would love to meet all of our clients face-to-face, but if you’re in a time crunch and that’s not possible, give us a call and we’ll tell you everything you need to know to get in, get unloaded, and tick another task off your to-do list. When it’s time to return, you can be confident that accessing your stuff will be simple and that you’ll have plenty of room to get around and get your job done.