Self Storage Tips for New Renters

August 20th 2020

Ace High Storage is a highly reputable locally owned and operated storage facility in Dawson Creek B.C. Founder Barry Ross, along with the experienced staff at Ace High Storage, has proudly provided a wide range of self-storage solutions to their Dawson Creek and Peace River region customers since 2007.

This storage facility specializes in on-site or off-site storage. Unlike most typical storage facilities in the Dawson Creek area; they offer C-Can storage (sea containers) for the ultimate impenetrable and secure storage option. At Ace High Storage, you can be certain your belonging, business equipment, recreational vehicles, household belongings, and everything in between, are safe from theft, protected from rodents, and easily accessible for your convenience.

Common reasons for renting a storage unit vary from person to person. Whether you are moving, de-cluttering, in need of vehicle storage, downsizing or the midst of renovations, freeing up space will allow for your items to be kept secure. This will likely prevent damages to articles, the loss of possessions and save you time from looking for items.

There is a lot to consider when renting a storage unit whether you are a frequent storage user or a first-time storage unit renter. Selecting the right self-storage unit for your storage needs within your location is the first step towards a positive experience.

1. Location and Security features

Finding a ‘Self-storage near me’ is the best bet for convenience and accessibility to your belongings when you need them. Finding a storage option close to home or on the way to/from work, for example, is your best bet. This will allow for your belonging to be accessed with ease and promptly if kept within your location. Picking a well-lit compound equipped with a high-level security system in place not only protects your goods but provides you peace of mind.

2. Customer Service and Access

A very important factor when considering the rental of a storage facility. A company that has staff in place that take pride in professionalism and who also have the knowledge of self-storage units will ease the burden off your shoulders, especially for first-time renters. Having the guidance and experience of trained staff will help you to find the best options for you with the access availability you desire. The staff that go out of their way to ensure your experience is positive, is an overall must-have. After all, you are entrusting these fine folks with the safety and security of your possessions while they are away from you.

3. Cleanliness

When looking for self-storage, consider the cleanliness of the facility and units. Locations that are not extensively maintained should be a warning sign. You want your items to be in the best care possible to keep them safe. This will allow for a stress-free experience knowing your items are kept safe in a debris-free environment.

4. Storage unit size & price

Storage units vary in size and accommodate all types of items and storage requirements. Smaller storage units are best suited for home and office furniture and supplies while bigger units are best for larger items such as industrial tools, equipment, and materials.

Outdoor covered storage units for boats, RV’s, larger pieces of equipment, campers and trailers free up space in your driveway, yard or at the job site allowing for this space to be utilized otherwise. Picking the right size storage unit for your belongings will ensure you are getting the maximum amount of space for your dollar.

Once you have the right storage unit established, you will want to make sure that you are packing and stacking appropriately for the best results. Strategic packing can help you get the most out of the space. Take the time to wrap delicates and cover furniture & equipment. This will help keep them clean and dust-free.

As straight forward as it is, labelling is a must. Trying to remember what in what is and where will only cause unnecessary frustration and endless time spent shuffling through boxes & containers.

Standing bulky and larger pieces, such as couches, dressers and bed frames vertically will maximize the unit’s space. Larger and heavier boxes can now make a base on the ground for lighter boxes and containers to be stacked on top, eliminating the chances of contents being crushed and damaged.

Leaving an aisle to walk through in your unit will keep frequently used items accessible for when you need them will save you needless headaches from searching for objects.

Being a first-time storage renter can be overwhelming and confusing seeing as the storage needs of everyone are unique. It is important to look at all the factors before deciding on what is best for you.

Ace High Storage believes in making a difference in the lives of its customers by offering various sizes of clean, convenient, secure, and rodent free storage solutions at affordable costs. The friendly, highly knowledgeable team at Ace High Storage is committed to helping customize a storage solution for the specific needs of their customers in the Dawson Creek and Peace River region. If you are a first-time self-storage renter and would like assistance with determining the size of storage you need or have questions about the units and facility, the amazing staff would be happy to help and are here to answer all your self-storage questions.