Security Update

January 12th 2023

In a continuing effort to be proactive we are developing a data base to identify and retrieve info on our clients vehicles so we can closely monitor vehicles that don’t belong. This is in addition to the extra yard lights and cameras installed last summer plus hiring the services of Total Care Security which have proven to respond within 5 min. Touch wood we have not had an incident for years but are very concerned considering the crime in this city.

We are also a member of the “Citizens Take Action” group which now has more than 100 members. We are not vigilante. The group have a catalogue of vehicles involved in crime as well as those convicted and are patrolling and reporting on a daily basis.

At Ace High Storage we watch closely and flags are raised when we see people at the compound with hoodies up, arriving in a cab or not driving directly to their storage unit. Also do not hesitate to call or send us pics of anything that seems suspicious. We do get calls from clients and appreciate your feedback, also a wave to the camera is reassuring. We will retain pics of suspicious vehicles and people for our data base as well as comparing to the database of Citizens Take Action.

Thank you and we do appreciate your business. Have a great 2023.


Dallas (mgr)
Barry Ross