RV Storage-Winterize Your Camper In Dawson Creek

November 23rd 2020

It is that time of year again when we must take into consideration having to tuck away our beloved summer recreational home away from homes due to plummeting temperatures and accumulating snow.


Ace High Storage, in Dawson Creek, is well established and reputable secure storage facility that provides storage solutions for a wide range of storage requirements, from personal belongings to industrial supplies, to boat and RV storage.


The staff at Ace High Storage are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the necessary preparations that will ensure your recreational vehicle is ready to endure the cold winter temperatures and make certain that your RV stays in prime condition while it's stored away for the season.


Winterize Your Camper

RV storage in Dawson Creek is very common among the local recreation vehicle enthusiasts as the temperatures drop considerably below zero and winters result in high accumulations of snow.


Not properly preparing your home away from home before these conditions arrive can have detrimental consequences and leave you with costly damages or the possibility of ruining your RV altogether.


A few simple steps to winterizing your RV will save not only your pocketbook but will allow for you to get back to enjoying your RV when the weather permits you to do so.


Step One: Water System

Disconnect the water source and drain the water system from the cold, hot and freshwater tanks, flush toilets, drain and open faucets to remove the remaining water that may be in the pipes.

If equipped, empty the water heater, and add antifreeze to all sinks and drains.


Step Two: Check Doors, Windows, and Seals

Carefully inspect all doors, windows and seals for gaps, cracks and wear and tear. If repair or replacements need to be considered, this is the time to do so. Keeping the weather and rodents outside will reduce damages and eliminate unnecessary costs in repairs and keep unwanted animals from nesting within.


Step Three: Remove All Food

This step will also help in deterring varmints from entering your RV and setting up camp for themselves. Even the smallest of crumbs can attract all types of creatures, bugs, and insects and once they are in, they are even more difficult to remove. Ensure that all food, even no perishables is removed from cupboards and cabinets as well as the fridge freezer and storage containers.


Step Four: Check Your Vents and A/C Units

An important step to remember when winterizing your RV is to check all your vents, including plumbing vents, roof vents and air vents, along with the air conditioning units (if equipped) and ensure these vents are closed and well sealed. Keeping these vents sealed and in good condition will keep out moisture and eliminate possible weather and moisture damages from occurring.


Step Five: Give Your RV a Good Cleaning

This step applies to both the inside and outside of your RV unit.

Take your time and be sure to remove all dirt, mud, and debris from the exterior of the unit, including the undercarriage. This step will not just make your investment look sharp and be ready to be used in the summer again but will save the RV of damages that can occur from moisture and mould from forming in and under such substances.

The inside of the RV should be diligently cleaned, paying close attention to areas such as the cooking area and bathrooms to wipe out the chance of bacteria and mould growth. Defrosting the fridge and freezer and propping the doors will allow for airflow and keep these areas free of unpleasant surprises in the Spring.



These simple steps reduce the risk of severe damages that may not even be visible until it is too late. Moisture, mildew, and cracked water lines from freezing temperatures can be extremely costly and are likely not what you want to deal with when the winter subsides.


Whether you are storing your RV at home or a storage facility, it is extremely vital to take the time to protect your recreational vehicle to make certain is in prime condition for the following summer season.


To read more about winterizing your RV unit and the RV storage services provided by Ace High Storage, please visit here or contact us directly with any storage questions you may have.