RV Storage Near Me: 10 Things to Know About RV Storage in Dawson Creek

August 13th 2020

Are you an avid RV traveler, or you own an RV? One of the minutes yet great details that you should not ignore is taking care of your RV. It would be helpful to store your RV regularly in a covered RV storage. Please have a look at Dawson Creek BC and check out our outstanding services and much more. Are you wondering why you require these services? Here is why.

Why do you need RV storage?

Having a recreational vehicle does not come cheap. And for you to get value for each penny you spent, it would be best to have the RV serve you for many years. However, most RVs are short-lived due to low maintenance and storage. You should seek RV storage near my services so that it does not get damaged during the offseason. It is also a chance to ensure that it stays in top shape all through. There is more to RV than it meets the eye. Here is what you must know about storage for RV.

Ten things you must know about RV storage

1. Protect it from pest infestation

What a sad affair when you open your RV to find roaches, mice and disgruntling pests have devoured your chairs, and have left your RV in a mess. Do not let it be your experience when you can search for the best RV storage near me. It is an opportunity to protect your RV effectively from such critters. It is a possibility to ensure that your RV is in an enclosed facility. We provide that for the roof, and the vent appliance should be closed after turning off the gas. While storing your RV, you must counter check for loose panels, which might be a gateway for rodents into the RV. You must meticulously clean your RV to make sure there are not spilled drinks, foodstuffs, or crumbs in the RV.

2. Select a Dry RV Storage

Here is a critical point that you should note as RV are susceptible to mold growth. Even the slightest moisture content is a great foe to your RV. It can often result in rusty doors or worse cause musty odor, which is rather challenging to get rid of even after the offseason.

3. Boost Security

It would be best to seek an expert RV storage facility that has a top-notch security system. It is a chance to ensure that your luxurious vehicle is not broken into or stolen. You must choose an onsite security service for your RV to rest easy.

4. Let Light In

The first thought that comes to mind is closing all nighttime shades. However, it is a tricky mistake as it provides a perfect breeding ground for a dark, damp environment that is ideal for mildew and mold. However, letting light in is an ideal way to combat the growth of mold.

5. Ensure you have Vent Covers

Bad RV ventilation is often a significant risk for moisture build-up as well as mildew growth. However, it would be best if you were keen on installing vent covers. It is the best odds to ensure that your vent is open but still protected from the imminent dangers of moisture build-up. It is an opportunity to ensure that there is a smooth flow of air that will ensure your RV has fresh air flowing in.

6. Roll On

There is nothing that puts a perfect vacation on hold like a blown tire. One needs to ensure that the tires are in excellent shape. Other than cleaning them, you are required to ensure they are well-dried out in the sun. You can also put RV on leveler blocks to evade any pressure on the tires.

7. Get RV Insurance

When seeking meticulous RV storage services, you need to ensure that you obtain insurance coverage. If the insurance cover does not become provided, you should buy a proper RV insurance. It is an opportunity to cover all kinds of damages or losses that might transpire during storage.

8. Power Down

It would be of great importance if you ensured that your RV's battery becomes fully charged before storing it. It will enable you to counter the effect of having a dead battery when you are pumped and psyched for a vacation. It will ensure that your RV does not freeze during the cold season. If your RV is solar powered, you should ensure it plugged in to ensure that the battery becomes fully charged. Thus, you can have a smooth time when it is ideal for hitting the road.

9. Clean Up

You need to deep clean your RV before storing it. That is not all. Even when not in use, you must clean up. It is a reasonable time to ensure that your RV is ready whenever you want to use it. It would be helpful to pay critical attention to the bathrooms, vents, fridges, and freezer. It would be thoughtful to clean the countertops and tables. Cleaning all the dark places will prevent mice from using it as a hiding place.

10. Retract

It would be helpful to ensure that you retract all your slide-outs for RV storage. It is possible to ensure that the mechanical parts, slide toppers, rubber seals, and roofs do not become exposed to natural weather elements. It would be best to ensure that you clean the rubber recreational vehicle seals and the mechanical parts underneath.

If you are looking for a secure, well-monitored facility, gravel pad, and high ceiling storage, we got you covered. Check out Ace High Storage in Dawson Creek BC for great RV storage. Contact us for RV storage services and all inquiries that you might have.