Rent a Storage Unit for your Driveway or Business

April 28th 2021

When it comes to your possessions, whether it be for business, moving, or even storage of valuables, you want the best and most secure unit. Plus, you want to ensure smooth delivery, setup, and removal when you’re done with it. Ace High Storage is a mini storage company in Dawson Creek that delivers mobile mini storage units right to your driveway for whatever your needs may be. Ace High Storage introduces us to five benefits of having a quality storage unit at your home or business.


Generally, mobile storage units are desired for their purpose and the advantages they provide. Should you need near-instant on-site storage, a portable unit fulfills that need. Construction companies who have extended jobs may need a safe location to store their equipment during the project. Most notably storage units are used post-storm clean up when there has been extensive damage to property and storing valuables inside isn’t possible. Mobile units can fulfill both a location benefit and a short-term usage. This makes travel to mini-storage buildings and long-term contracts unnecessary.


As mentioned before, standard storage units are replaced by mobile units for short-term needs. A traditional storage facility generally requires extended contracts up to a year, additional fees, and less convenience, as you must deliver your goods to the facility. You will always have the ability to have your mobile storage doing just that, staying mobile, and with mobility comes flexibility.

Better Pricing

The world is in constant motion, and with that, there is the understanding that situations change on the fly. A portable unit is often better priced, leaving you more of your hard-earned cash to handle anything the world throws at you. You can expect up-front pricing with clear and defined terms.

Size for the Price

The emphasis on the value of your money isn’t by mistake. Mobile storage units offer the largest amount of storage space for the price. The most common size is 8Ft x 20Ft when the average size of a storage building (not for a comparable price, by the way) is only about 8Ft x 4ft.

It seems that contracting a storage building or unit is both detrimental from a convenience and a wallet perspective, and looking into a mobile storage unit for its value, protection, and versatility will benefit you more. Ace High Storage is ready to full-fill your mobile storage needs today. Check out their page and reach out to a representative today.