Oil Companies Using Rented C-Cans as Temporary Sound Barriers

September 24th 2019

Ace High Storage has been providing self storage and high-end sea can rental services in Dawson Creek since 2007. The company offers modern ways to store goods with the help of C-cans, which supports our ultimate priority of flexibility and security for our clients. C-cans offer an impenetrable space for storing your goods, but that’s not their only use. C-cans not only offer a safe and cost-effective way of storing goods but can also be used as temporary sound barriers in the oil and gas industry.

Why Use C-cans As Sound Barriers?

C-Cans prove to be a viable and efficient sound barrier for drilling and fracking companies. With sea cans available in different sizes ranging from 8 x 8 feet to 8 x 40feet, you can set up barriers of various different sizes. Barriers can be quite long – but sea cans can also be stacked, making barriers tall too These sound barriers are easy to erect and can usually be installed within 8 hours . They are far better than the conventional sound barrier (upright matting) which takes approximately 3 days to set up. Also, they can be easily transported to your location. With infinite re-usability and the option to use connectors in the c-cans to make the structure even more sturdy, this may be your the best option you can find for decreasing noise. Check out the 520’ by 19’ high sound barrier we set up for Shell Canada in the winter of 2017/2018 as an example of what’s possible!

Using c-cans as a sound barrier in the oil and gas industry is also an economical choice. Upright matting is much more expensive to rent, but provides comparable results. In the recent past, companies who are doing drilling have prioritized c-cans over upright matting due to their cost and time-saving benefits.

Who can benefit from C-cans as sound barriers?

There are many people and companies that benefit from c-can sound barriers. Companies working near residential areas built better relationships with their communities by not becoming “noisy neighbours”. These sound barriers will drastically reduce the noise that transfers into nearby areas.

According to the Canadian Occupational noise exposure limit, the allowable limit for noise exposure is 90 dB in an 8-hour shift. Drilling rigs and heavy machinery makes an average of 110-120 dB, which is the same as someone shouting in your ear or when you are standing near sirens. Setting up these sound barrier will be beneficial for the ear health of close neighbours. Loud noise can cause many problems including hearing loss over time. This can negatively affect quality of life for people close by.

Another benefit to companies is that they provide a wind barrier!

For communities, the benefits of a good sound barrier are worth mentioning again. When a company installs a sound barrier, the community benefits from the peace and quiet of living near the edge of their town or city. Drilling is loud! Sound barriers help.

Our c-cans at Ace High Storage are available to rent by the oil and gas industry for building sound barriers. There are many great benefits for doing this in oil and gas operations! Whether you need to rent c-cans for that use or for another of the virtually endless possibilities c-cans have, get in touch with us!