Mobile C-Can Storage in Tumbler Ridge

January 4th 2023

Ace High Storage is a locally owned and operated storage company based in Dawson Creek. We specialize in providing secure onsite and offsite storage in areas like Tumbler Ridge, BC. We can store anything from your personal belongings to displaced business equipment and surplus materials. If you or your business need extra storage fast in Tumbler Ridge, we can bring a secure, rodent-proof c-can to your location to use as an on location storage area.

Why Choose A C-Can For Storage?

C-Cans provide a high level of storage security and flexibility for our customers. They are a nearly impenetrable space that is safe from outside elements for storing belongings. Our wide range of container sizes means that we can offer a selection of solutions to best suit your needs. The mobility of c-cans means we can bring this mobile storage solution right to the front door of your home or business.

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Who Can Benefit From Extra Storage Solutions?

Retail/Hardware Stores and Gas stations

Any storefront business in Tumbler Ridge may need to store extra products. Unexpected disruption in the supply chain (which has been common since 2020) can lead to empty store shelves, so having extra product can decrease the possibility of this occurring. An effective storage solution is required for storing extra product.

In some cases, you may need to store inventory for up to a year in advance. When you’re considering extra storage for these situations, remember that we provide different sizes of c-cans.

Construction Companies

Surplus supplies, materials, and equipment can quickly pile up on the job. Keeping these materials and equipment securely stored when they’re not in use and you’re off the job site can be stressful. A mobile storage unit like one of our c-cans will solve this problem. With our storage solutions, you can store all of your valuable materials and tools during construction projects or renovations.

Oil and Gas Companies

Bigger construction and drilling companies can use our mobile storage solutions to store heavy machinery and equipment nearby. Our c-cans safely and securely store anything from sandbags, pumps, drill bits and hand tools to bucket trucks and flat decks.

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Restaurants and Hotels

With a mobile c-can storage unit from Ace High Storage, Tumbler Ridge restaurant and hotel owners can store surplus supplies from their restaurant, hotel, or other business in the hospitality sector. Although a c-can may not be ideal for storing extra food, it provides space for storing your cleaning equipment, extra furniture, and more.

Medical Professionals

Is your medical, dental, or other practice running out of space for secure storage of sensitive files? A c-can is an ideal mobile storage solution for dentists, doctors, optometrists, hospitals, and others extra space for secure, environment-proof storage of old files

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Luxury Car Owners

There are numerous good reasons to store your luxury car during the winter months. Not just to protect your investment and provide the best possible security when the weather is colder in Tumbler Ridge, but also to keep your car drive ready for when you need it. With an effective storage solution like a mobile c-can in your driveway, you can free up space in your garage and keep your vehicle securely stored. At Ace High Stoage, our 20ft c-cans are typically long enough to store a vehicle.

If you or your Tumbler Ridge business needs extra storage fast, we can bring a secure, rodent-proof c-can to your location. Get in Touch today!