High Temperatures & Storage

August 4th 2021

At Dawson Creek’s premier storage facility, Ace High Storage, we were as blown away by the recent heat wave as everyone else and now that we’ve come out the other side, we want to make sure you know how to pack effectively so your stuff pulls through the next time temperatures soar.

Dawson Creek isn’t generally known for its hot weather, but June 2021 proved to be a record-breaking month as far as heat is concerned – in Dawson Creek and many other BC communities. According to Environment Canada, the temperature on June 27 hit 36.1C in Dawson Creek, melting the old record of 28.2C – which was set in 2000. June 28 was even hotter – 38.1C, up from the record of 27.8C from 2015.

It’s important to note that the temperature inside storage units climbs even higher than outside temperatures, so planning how you pack and what you pack is important when the temperatures start to rise. When properly packed and organized, plenty of items can still be safely stored through a heatwave and beyond. Here are a few things to consider when storing your belongings in non-temperature-controlled storage units.

1. A Safe Bet for Storage

Some belongings hold up better in a non-climate-controlled facility than others. It’s fairly safe storing things like tools, lawn equipment, metal furniture and dishes. Items made of stainless steel, glass, and fabric do much better in high temperatures than items such as photographs, make-up, or leather items. That doesn’t mean you can’t store certain items, but it does mean you need to carefully pack them and consider removing them in the event of a long stretch of hot weather. Packing electronics in original packing material is the safest way to pack them, but if that’s not possible, use a similar-sized box and then fill remaining space with packing paper, peanuts, or bubble wrap.

2. Ace High Storage is Rodent-Free

A common concern with non-climate-controlled storage units is fluctuating humidity. Our storage containers at Ace High are air tight and nearly impenetrable. Before filling your unit, make sure everything is completely dry. Then, by placing moisture absorbers throughout your unit, you will more effectively protect against moisture build up. There are various types of inexpensive moisture absorbers available, such as silica gel, charcoal, and kitty litter.

3. Leave Space

Don’t overfill your storage container. It’s important to leave space between your belongings. This prevents accidental damage and allows air to flow. It also makes it easier to access anything you might need to pull out of storage.

4. What Not to Store

There are some things that are never a good idea to store no matter the type of unit. These items include hazardous liquids, combustible items, perishables, plants, or animals.

Self-storage offers a great way to keep belongings safely contained when you need extra space. With a bit of planning, rest assured that your belongings will be in the same condition when you remove them as they were when they went in. At Ace High, we care about making our facility secure and rodent-free so that you can be certain your belongings are safe. We believe that when a business cares, everything else falls into place! For more about our secure, rodent-free storage facility, check out our On-Site Storage page and then contact us today at (250) 219-7075.