Five Benefits of Moving with a Portable Storage Unit in Dawson Creek

May 26th 2022

Moving to a new home can be stressful - especially if you’re moving into or out of a city. Ace High Storage in Dawson Creek wants to help out by offering portable storage units. Rent one of our storage units a few weeks before your move and we will bring one to your driveway and leave it there. When you’re done packing it, we’ll bring it to our facility and store it there until your moving company picks it up for you.

We’ve helped individuals and families move locally, or prepare for long distance moves to Edmonton or Southern BC. Here are a few reasons why portable storage units are superior to the traditional process of filling your moving van on moving day.

Pack and Load on Your Own Schedule

Moving day is a huge event. Whether you’re getting professional movers or have a lot of helpful friends, preparing your belongings so they stay safe and so they’re ready and organized for the big day is stressful. However, with a portable storage unit in your driveway a month in advance, you can pack a few boxes at a time into your unit each day. Instead of worrying about having everything ready for one big packing and moving day, you can pack in advance.

Store Your Packed Boxes

Traditionally, as you fill your home with packed boxes, you slowly lose floorspace to towers of packed belongings. Mobility through your home will become more and more difficult as the big day gets closer. A portable storage unit will solve this! Put packed boxes into your storage unit and don’t worry about them again until after your move.

Organize and Secure Your Belongings

If you like the organization of knowing how the moving van was packed, then a portable storage container is a great option. Since the container can be filled at your own pace, it’s easier to make sure boxes go where you want them. Additionally, you can ensure items are packed well so that they don’t shift in transit.

Easy Access Loading and Unloading

Unlike a moving van’s narrow metal ramp, the entrance to a portable storage unit is wide and at ground level. If you have many hands helping move boxes, more of them can access the unit at once.

Move The Storage Unit Easily

With a pre-packed portable storage unit, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings were packed in advance. Moving day can be about nothing more than moving. Hire a moving company to pick up your portable storage unit from Ace High Storage and have them place your unit in your new driveway. After an easy, quick, and organized move, you can unload at your own pace.

Whether you’re moving within Dawson Creek or to a home farther away, why not minimize stress by renting a portable storage unit? Contact us today using the phone number above or the contact form below and we’ll help you get set up.